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What documentation is required to quote and build our assembly?

A Bill Of Materials defines the component type, value, Manufacturer, Manufacturers Part Number, and Component Assembly Locations (Reference designators, C7, R4, U2, etc.)

Gerber data (a file that defines the Printed Wiring Board image so the bare board can be manufactured, includes a Read-Me file that defines the Material to be used, Material thickness, Material finish, ROHS Compliance, etc.)

An Assembly Drawing is not required but can be used to specify other requirements like maximum component height or special mounting instructions.

Do you work with Consigned material?

Yes, we work with EMS Purchased or Customer Consigned Material, or a combined mix as you require.

What is the range of quantities you deal with?

Anything from a one time 10 piece order to several thousand a month.

What determines lead time, the time from when we place our order until we receive product?

There are several factors that contribute to our lead time:

  • The largest contributor to lead time is the material lead time, the time Component Distributors Quote to us to get material. This can vary from almost immediately for components the Distributor has “In Stock” to twelve weeks or more for non-stock components or components the Manufacturer builds to order.
  • Assembly Lead Time, the time it takes EMS to build the product after Materials are received. This can include the time to order and receive a Surface Mount Stencil or other tooling, Machine Programming, time to develop internal Production Documentation , and the actual Assembly time. First run Jobs are generally Processed in between two to three weeks (plus material lead time) depending on complexity.
  • The time it takes your organization to answer any questions we need answered to build your product can delay delivery.

Who are your Customers? Can you provide references?

Yes, we can provide references. Many of our Customers have been dealing with EMS for ten or more years because we take care of them.

Where are your Customers located?

We have Customers from Massachusetts to Texas. Some of the Companies we deal with have left the North East but continue to depend on EMS for Assembly Services.

What are the Largest / Smallest components you are capable of placing?

EMS currently places Ball Grid Array Components as large as 1.5” x 1.5” with over 1,100 balls and Passive Components (Resistors, Capacitors) as small as 0402. Our new (2015) MYDATA MY200LX is capable of running both Larger and Smaller Components than these. If you have questions regarding a specific component or package call or email.

What are your Assembly Capabilities?

Automated Surface Mount and Thru Hole Assembly, Reflow Soldering, Wave Soldering, BGA Assembly, Automated Optical Inspection, Electrical test, Box Build. If you have questions regarding a specific Capability or Service call or email.

What Size Boards can you accommodate?

We have processed assemblies as large as 23” x 17”. Maximum board size varies by the type of equipment we need to use to process a specific assembly.

Do you produce both “Leaded” and ROHS (Lead Free) compliant assemblies?

Yes, and the finish on modern components is compatible with both processes.

What Workmanship Standards do you Manufacture to?

We use the methods defined in J-STD-001 to produce product that conforms to the acceptability requirements of IPC-610A Class II or Class III as defined by Customer requirements.

What are your Delivery Options? Are you able to help me Manage my Inventory?

We like to build one delivery ahead so we can respond to Customer Emergencies when we have a Purchase Order with multiple releases. The lead time for the first delivery is subject to component availability, but after that we control our own destiny.