• On-Time Delivery

    Orders can't be delivered when component leadtimes extend beyond the first ship date. However, once we have in-house dates for materials, we'll do everything we can to hit your deliveries. We know your customer's demands change and we're here to help you accommodate those changes.

    Case Study

    One of our customers had several long leadtime components on their BOMs, and knew that their demand would continue to increase, but couldn’t get their parent company to commit to purchase orders more than 90 days prior to initial required delivery. We suggested that EMS carry six months worth of those specific long lead items on our shelf (about $50,000), guaranteed by a simple letter. On-time delivery solved!

  • Managing the Details

    If your current supplier is not giving you timely answers, it may be because they simply don’t know. We have dozens of assemblies in process at a time, each with their own set of particulars. We have developed custom internal controls to know the exact status of all jobs on our production floor.

    Case Study

    Two of our customers have families of products that have the same printed circuit board and basic structure, which are then customized with a number of additional components. By creating a common Bill-of-Material which is a sub-assembly to all of the potential end configurations, we provide better availability with less inventory. And because we are buying the common BOM by the thousands, rather than hundreds, and running multiple jobs together on the same set-up, we can offer much better pricing than if each end product were stand-alone.

  • Pricing

    We will not low-ball a quote and surprise you later with “unexpected, unforeseen, or unavoidable” additional costs. Our job is to get the lowest costs from vendors for every item on your bill of material (BOM). We will not deviate from your approved vendor list (AVL), so if somebody is doing that, we may not be competitive. But, we will share our costed BOM with you.

    Case Study

    In the very early stages of quoting for what is now a long-time customer, the customer told us our pricing was 10% high, and if he had not taken the time to look at the costed BOM that we sent him, he would never have realized (and we wouldn’t have known) that he forgot to tell us about contract pricing they had on UCC capacitors with All-American. Once we got that pricing we were low bidder and got the order.

  • Document Control

    If quality is the life-blood allowing survival as a Contract Manufacturer, then document control is the oxygen. Customers update products all the time, often in the middle of a production run, with a new revision. We track new documentation by revision and date-received, maintaining a complete change history for the life of the product.

    Case Study

    Many of our customers appreciate the level of scrutiny and feedback that we give to all of their documentation changes. One customer in particular is regularly making configuration changes “on-the-fly” via email, and depends on EMS to attach that email to an internal Engineering Change Request (ECR). Recently he asked if we could determine which of two approved interchangeable parts we had used on which assemblies in the past three years. The answer was yes!

  • Customer Satisfaction

    What really differentiates EMS is intensive care. We have a long history with many diverse and sometimes demanding customers because we take good care of them.

    Case Study

    There are several people in our past who have done business with EMS from more than one company, but one woman in particular has brought us business from three different companies over the past 20 years. When thanking her at dinner recently she said, “you don’t have to thank me, you guys make me a hero”.