Why EMS?

“If you are looking for a Contract Electronics Manufacturer that will really care about your business, you have found the right company. We manage the details accurately. We communicate thoroughly. We strive to be the most responsive supplier you have ever dealt with. Talk to our customers about your concerns.”

- Mark Hotchkiss President
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Electronic Manufacturing Company


EMS Technologies, Inc. has been providing Electronic Manufacturing Services to the Northeast for 55 years, to companies like IBM, L-3 Communications and Texas Instruments, OEM companies serving GE Medical, Hitachi Medical, and GE Aerospace. Most of our customers are not giants of their industry, but what they all have in common is the dedication and value we bring.

Founded in 1969 as a Contract Assembly Division of Stow Manufacturing Company, and a “captive” assembly shop for IBM, EMS has been shaped over the years by diverse customer requirements, into a comprehensive Electronic Manufacturing Service provider.


Today our capabilities include Mydata surface mount equipment, with vision assisted placement down to 12 mil pitch, BGAs with over 1,000 pin counts, and passives as small as 0402. We maintain an active thru-hole automatic insertion department, an automated carousel for manual drop-in thru-hole components, and still do a lot of labor-intensive manual work for high power, shock, and vibration-resistant requirements.

We offer complete turnkey purchasing of materials, or combinations of consigned and turnkey. We will review documentation and designs for manufacturability, develop test fixtures, test and trouble-shoot (including RF), and have broad experience with Mechanical Assembly, Ball-soldering and Conformal Coating.

  • Responsive

    Our passion is to be the most responsive supplier you have ever dealt with.

    Our size allows us to quickly meet your demands while being flexible enough to handle unexpected revision changes and material issues. We will take your expedites just as seriously as you do!

    Dealing with material vendors can be a waiting game, so whether we have answers to your questions or not, we will communicate immediately and follow-up until resolution.

    Case Study

    We had been calling on an account for a couple of years, when their current CM suddenly went out of business. They asked how quickly we could assimilate their complicated (175 line items) boards if they brought all the material here. We digested the documentation and truckload of material and were shipping boards within two weeks.

  • Reliable

    EMS will not make commitments that we can’t keep. After acknowledging your purchase order and buying material, we'll give you the best date possible based on material availability. Working with your team on the leadtime issues, we'll offer part substitutions or broker stock.

    We will not use unauthorized distribution or component substitutions. All deviations will be approved by you in writing.

    Our long-term personal relationships with our customers (most over 10 years) are a result of earned trust, not because we are buddies. We will provide a broad list of customer references with names and phone numbers for you to call.

    Case Study

    EMS has been manufacturing Bitflow's Frame Grabber hardware for the past 10 years. The competitive pricing and rapid response to our changing customer demands over this period of time has helped facilitate our growth and keep pace within the fast changing Machine Vision markets. We appreciate our relationship with EMS, their hard work, and the effort they put forth at all levels shows how much they appreciate our business. We expect this excellent working relationship to continue and look forward to the next ten years and beyond.” - James Locke CMA, Chief Operating Officer

  • Accurate

    Putting the right parts in the right places on a circuit board is not rocket science, but when detailed manual work is involved, it helps to have employees averaging over 15 years of experience.

    Our Epicor ERP system enables very tight documentation control, immediate material status on open jobs and purchase orders, and daily shop floor status information.

    Case Study

    One of our customers is so dependent on EMS to catch and question conflicting or inconsistent issues in their new documentation that they request that we submit Engineering Change Requests for them to correct their own documentation.